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Electric guitar neck crack repair

I mentioned that guitar would make another appearance neck soon neck and here.
Just don't get to worried about the final electric wood finish. .
That's why there's a band of light finish across the neck. .Update: A comment made me electric neck realise I hadn't actually added an 'after' picture.With the butt end of the guitar resting on a padded chair, I clamped the guitar to the board so its held electric upright (so the force of gravity will pull glue down deep into the break).These are much more controllable but you still need to take care.Meet the all-new Haze 3-D Fender-Style electric Neck Clamping System (patent application pending).The back of neck got cleaned up and sanded smooth, and a thin coat of lacquer was applied to preserve the exposed wood and to make it feel consistent with the rest of the neck.A dovetail requires holes be drilled electric into the joint so that the glue can be softened by carefully injecting steam.Hide glue is the best way to fix this nasty peghead break, and heres why. When I was happy I could get the clamps on quickly and accurately, I went for.
Mahogany neck and body and a tun-o-matic bridge with tailpiece gives a Gibsony vibe while the bolt-on neck and slab body bring things back to the G L/Fendery end of the spectrum.
manual As well as having a relatively large shim on one side, the tenon didn't make contact with the bottom of the pocket.On this neck, removal was complicated because of the construction.I could have used a number of glues for this repair, but I chose hot manual hide glue for these reasons: Hide glue has a fairly low viscosity paradise so it can penetrate deep into a crack.You can see from the images that the neck has two steel box-sections protruding from the heel.The image part above shows the inlaid overlay before the edges were trimmed.When I judge that heat has penetrated the board and begun to soften the glue I remove the blanket and get to work with the palette knives.The glues I didnt choose for this job: plane Epoxy would be asus hard to clean up in this situation, and most epoxies arent thin enough to penetrate deep into the recesses of this crack.You can't really tell user from this image but this is actually the second time this guitar has broken in the same place.Something that we can't stress enough: DO NOT attempt TO FIX IT yourself.

This is not a good time to be interrupted - this part must be completed in one operation.
Keep it electric guitar neck crack repair simple and you'll be happier than if you try to make the crack totally invisible.
The steel box-section tenons must also be glued into their corresponding mortice (channel) in the top and the fingerboard extension must be fixed to the guitar top.

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